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The application that revolutionized the way we browse the internet

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Mozilla Firefox is one of the most common Open Source web Browsers available on the Internet. The browser possesses a distinctive interface, which has been updated in this last version, and that is pretty respected by developers due to the tools it provides and the innovative platform for publishing additional software for the application as add-ons.

Mozilla Firefox was in fact the first free browser to penetrate successfully the web browsing market which was previously monopolized by Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. To this day, this customizable Mozilla Firefox is free to download and its developers vowed to keep it that way. The additional features of Mozilla Firefox have enhanced the browsing speed regardless of the host machine.

Its security features has been enhanced thanks to the addition of a slight anti-malware that can prevent some kind of viruses and spyware to get into your computer. It proposes some anti-phishing methods in order to protect your personal e-mail accounts or general information. The browser will also frequently block pop-up windows when you visit your favorite websites.

This desktop program has integrated some valuable functions for working with JavaScript snippets. The toolbar offers additional options such as searching directly from there without opening a new tab with Google or other additional engines. The management of your bookmarks has been modified, making simpler to add new elements just by clicking on the star placed in the right side of the address bar. The customization of these elements is granted easily thanks to third-party developers that increase the number of free extensions available to download on the Firefox store.

More than just a browser

Mozilla Firefox will let you download anything you need including pages full of complex graphics. The layout tab is something easily noticeable. We can even argue that the layout looks a bit similar to Google Chrome. In place of the blank page displayed when opening a new tab, there are icons that help you navigate easily. The home button in Mozilla Firefox has been moved to the right side of the location bar, while the tabs are on top for easier visibility. Thus, you are given enough space for the website you are viewing.

Mozilla Firefox seems to be able to take a simple idea and modify it for the best. Your bookmarks can now be accessed faster than before. If you are concerned with privacy issues, you could use the Incognito browsing offered by Mozilla Firefox. The automatic session recovery is a huge help for those instances when you accidentally close your browser or when your computer unexpectedly crashes. Mozilla Firefox is unstoppable and seems to continue on that road.

It stands out as a reliable and efficient web browser. It is designed for being innovative, with its multi tab-browsing options and its simplified way of working. The performance has been improved since the previous versions of the software consumed too much memory, something that has been solved.

Mozilla Firefox 48.0.2 Features

Here you can check the main features of this browser:

  • High browsing speed in any kind of website
  • Easy and very visual Bookmark management of your favorite sites
  • Protection against worms, viruses and general malware
  • Third-Party addons compatibility
  • Direct access to online search engines from the address bar
  • Very customizable interface
  • HTML5 compatibility

In case you want more information about this web browser visit its official webpage.

  • Session restoration options
  • There is a variety of extensions to choose from
  • It is a free, fast and stable browser
  • Comes with silent updates
  • Memory leak is still an issue
  • It might fail with some add-ons

Choose your download:

Version Extension Size Version Architecture Platform Download
Firefox Setup 48.0.2.exe exe 0.00B 48.0.2 64 bits Windows Download
Firefox Setup 48.0.2.exe exe 0.00B 48.0.2 32 bits Windows Download
Firefox Setup 48.0.exe exe 0.00B 48.0 64 bits Windows Download
Firefox Setup 48.0.exe exe 0.00B 48.0 32 bits Windows Download
Mozilla Firefox 48.0.2 Free Download screenshot